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You have stumbled upon what might be considered the largest and most diverse button collection on the web 10,325 buttons in 19 categories. With the exception of a few, all buttons are 130 x 32 px. Unlike most web sites, The Inspiration Gallery offers you the opportunity to interact with the buttons to help you select the perfect buttons for your site. The Button Gallery's concept is based on our popular  Web Page Colour Composer.

Within the Button Gallery, you can:

  Collectively change the font style of the sample text on the buttons
  Collectively hide and show the sample text with the click of a button
  Change the colour of the sample text using a web safe colour palette
  Change the colour of the canvas area using a web safe colour palette
  Compare two colours from the web safe colour palette and view hex codes
  View the buttons in a row only, in a column only, or individually
  Import an image into the canvas area from one of the categories provided
  Upload an image into the canvas area from your hard drive
  Save the buttons and canvas area images to your hard drive

Required Fonts

You must have the fonts shown in the Button Gallery installed in your Windows/Fonts directory in order for the fonts to affect the button's text. It is unlikely you will have the fonts Casual Bold, Chicago, Hot Pizza or Quill Oblique already installed. In this regard, click here to download  these True Type fonts.

Canvas Area

Canvas refers to the background. Before you can apply a colour from the web safe colour palette, or an image from one of the background categories or your hard drive, you must first click the  Canvas  button.

Saving the Graphics

To save a button or a background image, right-click on the button or background in the canvas area and select  Save Background As  for each. And in case you're wondering no, there is no zip file containing all 10,325 buttons available to download.

Linking Back

If you use any of the images on your web site, please give something back by linking to The Inspiration Gallery. Refer to the Terms of Use as to how you can make the logo buttons blend better with your site's colour scheme.


Button Text 1
Button Text 5
Button Text 6
Button Text 2
Button Text 3
Button Text 4
All Buttons
Top Row
Left Side
Button 1
Button 2
Button 3
Button 4
Button 5
Button 6
All Text
Top Text
Left Text
Text 1
Text 2
Text 3
Text 4
Text 5
Text 6
Casual Bold
Hot Pizza
Quill Oblique
Times Roman

Button Gallery  is a collaborative project between  The Inspiration Gallery  and
The Hunting Ground. Buttons and design provided by The Inspiration Gallery. JavaScript provided by The Hunting Ground, an ideal site to learn the concepts of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DHTML. The variety of categories have examples of what can be achieved, from creating a simple pop-up to the more dynamic effects of DHTML. Hundreds of unique and original JavaScripts available.

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